Madd – Fit 716

Madd - Fit 716

Buffalo, PA
1316 Niagra Street Buffalo, PA 14213
Amanda’s Mission and where her true passion lies is to see her clients have success and reap the benefits from their hard work and dedication in training and nutrition. She believes that good health should take a holistic approach with exercise being very important for both physical and mental health and happiness. Her goal is to help you redefine YOUR health and what healthy really means to you! The current health and fitness world are flooded with questionable practices and fads that are unmaintainable. She is here with a different/ intelligent approach by blending both years of experience and evidence-based practices. She feels that in order to provide you with the most value you cannot have one without the other; no matter what your goals are. Education is KEY for any long-term success; work with someone who is going to pay close attention to detail and educate you along the way! MADD-FIT & NUTRITION 716 is owned and operated by Amanda Maddalena. Amanda is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Madd - Fit 716

1316 Niagra Street, Buffalo, PA 14213

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Madd - Fit 716
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